Hotel Rooms and Fast Food

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May 31, 2008 by vinylburns

You know, when you’ve been in the business as long, and frankly as successfully as I have… it’s easy to insist on things being ‘just so’… But I make a point of staying true to my roots.

That’s why, when I’m on the road, taking it to, and from, the people at festivals across the planet, I like to live the traditional “dirty” busker lifestyle. Yes, it’s true… I eat burgers and drink root beer, just like you folks… although when I do it, I have some service industry personnel bring it up to my suite so I don’t have to get out of the bath.

There’s something soothing and cathartic about checking into that freshly cleaned hotel room, firing up the TV for the first time… opening up the bible and underlining random adjectives, only to discover that you’ve stayed there before. Funny how you always find the same page huh?

Hotels are the meditation retreat of architectural experiences… minimalist (though often extremely lavish in their minimalism) offering the simplicity of simply ordering whatever your healthy heart desires, provides a release with which very few other experiences can compete.

So, to fast food… hotel bath tubs… call girls and espn… I raise my tumbler and sup my sasparila.



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