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June 12, 2008 by vinylburns

A three floor, split level suburban sanctuary… punctuated by the bark of a dog or the chirp, chime, dingdongalong or simple subversive vibration of a telephone. This is where we live for the moment, during the slow build to the Canadian tour of 2008. Something of a boot camp to bring us up to speed for the onslaught of experiences we know will find us in a few short weeks.

My colleague, com padre and sometimes adversary, Mr Anton Russ, occupies the sought after basement suite at “Maison Pour Coque”, with all its subterranean delights. Television, DVD & CD library, En suite, and most prized in these heady summer nights; cool.

My preference is for the penthouse suite… situated at the top of a modest set of stairs, overlooking the driveway, the grounds, the valet’s quarters and the hazy Waterloo sunrise. Across the hall, my choice of bathroom or business suite. Today, I write from the business suite.

Anton and my self will share the following months as a tightly bonded touring team, and are here for two weeks, preparing to face the challenges that lie ahead. While we will be in extremely close contact during the tour, and we must become accustomed to that, now is not the time.

For this reason, we embrace a smörgåsbord’s of modern technical facilities at our disposal, not least of which… Facebook.

The house here, is equipped with the latest in military security, CCTV provided by NASA, and of course, state of the art WI-FI system.

This enables Anton and myself to undergo most of our team building, bonding, training and tour briefing, without having to be in the same room. Knowing that the other person is feet, sometimes dozens of feet away, yet continually poking me, updating his status or inviting me to tantalizing events, helps us to both build a healthy unease both in and out of the others presence.

Once the training program is complete, we will find a regular schedule of actual human contact easily within our grasp.

Touring ain’t easy, until the easy are touring.


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