Looking for a silent exit

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March 17, 2009 by vinylburns

Take a good long look at the silence, cos when it comes to it… it's about whatever gets you off.

I'm often happy to be the happy conversationalist… Those who know me are often astounded at my ability to speak knowledgeably on any given subject for hour upon hour. I'll sometimes sneak off for a meal while they're listening, and they rarely notice I'm gone as they continue to digest the torrent of genius I've injected into their being.

Sometimes though, enough is enough… and so when I'm unfortunate enough to end up sitting next to someone who's communication skills are inversely proportional to their charisma, and when that equation is divisible by the length of the journey and the P.H. of his breath (it's always a dude)… then, I take action.

What action? Reading.

But, here's the thing… take out your book or magazine… whatever you're into. But, you hold it backwards. Not upside down. Backwards.

Just sit and stare at the cover for all you're worth.

No idea why it works, but they won't last another 5 minutes.

Enjoy the ride,


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