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March 23, 2009 by vinylburns

I was chatting with an old showbiz pal the other day, on the wireless intranet, and we ended up casually mulling over a few old ideas with powerful modern relevance in the current financial climate.  So I’ve cut and pasted it straight in here for you to learn a thing or two.

Just read between all the names and places and time stamps, to extract the powerful knowledge nestled within the power of this new dawn, this shining horizon of words.


Burpies? as in exercise?


when it’s night time, you can’t go running around near the horses…

freaks everybody out

so a little living room jumping around is the way to go

Freakin’ brilliant mate, go you… what’re you up to?

reading up on GTD

“getting things done”

and putting together promo

how was the Las Vegas gig?

did you do a spot in Cirque Du Money?

I recommend THE POWER OF NOW. started working with Duchovny so took me a month to collect it after I ordered it. No way dude, we used their hotel for 3 of our shows after their season, Bernard said oh mate you’ll never even see the Lamas during an evening show, then they all oohed and aahed at the prairie scene. Bernard was also blown away that we pay our clowns!

good stuff

I don’t know if he really dreams that big…

such potential with that setup

and his connections

and his “man of the people” vibe…

shshshshshsh… I know and Im scheming… and like last time I worked Vegas, people came up to us and asked what we were selling… still, I sold plenty of linen from the hotel, good sideline.


and you can often load up on shampoo and conditioner, soaps, airplane socks, hair nets…

Aytahn and I use them as givaways in our shows when we’d do Edmonton Fringe
10:53pm Vernon

give them away? not in a recession…

it’s like giving the kid $5

plant the seed

they’ll give back more than you gave out

I’ve started giving the kid $4.50

of course…

that makes sense in a corporate environment

they’ll see the added value in your focused investment approach

YES… it’s all on the understanding that the show AND MORE IMPORTANTLY THE AUDIENCE is actually worth more than the kid…


and the more they pay you… the more they feel they deserved to be entertained

and hopefully I’ve left before they analyse that logic too deeply

and that they’ve paid in cash, or some other form of “instant” money


Live, Learn, Love to make the money…

Vinyl Burns


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