October 6, 2009 by vinylburns

Hello Gansta’s

I write to you today from my post-WoW mountain retreat, high in the Southern Alps… where the air is sweet and juicy with the scent of tomorrows saccharin hopes.

I just finished an 11 night date with the delightful Topp Twins… and, while I didn’t have too much free time to mingle with any of the 140 strong cast and crew, it was certainly a fun time.

The Topps, of course, riding the hot success of their Toronto film experiences, and their fans knowing it!  There aren’t too many of us who hit the big time like that, and remain grounded, down to earth and genuinely humble… These ladies certainly hold it together in the “salt of the earth” department…

Indeed, many times after the show, as my Hummer was pulling away from the gig, I spotted them both walking back to the hotel…  Even on the night they threw a gigantic BBQ pool party for the cast.  Humble, Generous, Grounded… and still with that rural glam that took ’em to the Topp.

Besides, who doesn’t respect a couple of birds who can say “piss” and “shit” in front of 35000 little old ladies.

On now to very different destinations… the Gals hit the road in 5 days for a national tour celebrating all good things.  I myself will be taking a month or two off to recapitalize my portfolio and tune up the old Harley… (if you know what I mean, ladies).

Meanwhile – my manager is off on a music tour of the South Island in November (such a hippy).

Vinyl – Out.

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