Land Ladies…

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December 9, 2009 by vinylburns

My People…

I’m no stranger to home ownership, property development and commercial exploitation of the rental tides.

However much of an expert I am on these matters, I like to think that I owe it, in part, to my strategy of staying in touch with the regular folks…  I do this, by renting a few properties around the place.  Just to see how it feels, you understand.

In between whipping up a frenzy of rock-bizz on stages around the planet, I sometimes spend time “re-rentalizing” my self at one of these little places.

It was in one such place, here, today, that I came face to face with the age old bug bear of the urban renter… the land lady.

She pulled the oldest scam in the book… the surprise inspection.

I didn’t resist too much… after all I had little to hide in this beach side hobo shack… just my down-synthesized sub-average lounge space, and a few of my own items, for peace of vibe.  But I was awestruck by here brazen and bold faced implementation of the following tricks of the trade.

1) The “I’ll just walk in the back door without knocking”

2) The “oh, didn’t you get the letter about the inspection…?”

3) The “I’m inspecting you the day after I finally fixed that light fitting you’ve been asking about for six weeks”

4) The “let me just give you another gentle dig about how long the lawns are”

I would never, of course, dream of slandering a particular agency [Ray] my mentioning [White] them here… So instead of writing the name here, I have [Ray] cut them [White] from THIS document, and pasted them into another document, which should arrive in perfect synchronicity with the previously mentioned inspection notice.

[Ray White Real Estate]

Digging you every day…


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