Horse House #2

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January 20, 2010 by vinylburns

Vinyl Burns plays "Greek Mail Order Wife" in video for "Poetry Slam"

Vinyl Burns plays "Greek Mail Order Wife" in video for "Poetry Slam"

Hooolaaah Revelers.

I trust you all survived the holiday break and are itching to see more action in 2010.

I myself am just about to go into production month on the Chit Chat Lounge 2010 project.  Year four and we’ve enlisted additional writers, wardrobe consultants and renovated the greenroom media suite to allow for the Scandinavian networks to do their simulcasts standing up.

I had hoped to have my people attach a music file to this, to remind you of the good times created at Horse House Studios last summer… but they didn’t know how. So, you can go to…

and find them there.  I recommend “Dancer” – have a listen to that.

We also welcome the newest member of the Chit Chat band, who comes to us from a powerful and inspired James Cameron project…  No names just yet, but you can be sure that three 90 minute rehearsals will have us cooking with the same beige-warm intensity as you felt on the back of your neck last Autumn, walking back from the dairy with some soda powder for those ulcers.

Remember to go to and sign up to the mailing list, to receive FREE mp3s of all Vinyl’s hit songs and video clips.

Also, in light of recent terrible events, the Chit Chat Lounge will officially be raising funds, in the form of generous audience donation, for those suffering in Haiti under the strain of fallen architecture and mountain sides.  Rest assured that every cent raised will go towards delicious beverages with which we will toast to the future good health of those good people.

So, stay focused, and tune to the Chit Chat Lounge at the sites below.

Remember, Vinyl Burns is a lovely place to spend your evening.

Peace on your face.


Vinyl Burns in the Vocal Booth

I can FEEL it.

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