Chit Chat 2010

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February 13, 2010 by vinylburns

Gentle hellos to you.

I’m moments away from boarding my flight into the city for the second night of our 2010 season of the Chit Chat Lounge.  We opened last night to a sell out crowd on the 9th floor of the continental high hotel plaza in Nelson.  Obviously, with a star studded cast such as we have, we can’t take the liberty of being in the same city as the Wellington Fringe Arts festival, so we tucked ourselves out of the way in Nelson.

Nevertheless, we had just over 800 people jammed into the corporate entertainment media suite up there on number 9… and to cater for the natural spillover crowd, we beamed the show live to various venues throughout the Asia / Pacific region, courtesy of CISCO systems.  Their tech allows the audience in the ‘official’ venue, Fringe Bar, Wellington… to experience the show, as if we were actually there.

The stream of caption suggestions continued to flow… text Derek with your Chit Chat Lounge slogan suggestion.

“Chit Chats, they’re… ________________________”

In any case, we enjoyed a few beautiful guests including the relatively not-mad Guy Capper.  The furious and unpredictable genius of the man took us to new places… I love that dark dark doctor of the night. We were also deliciously catered to by the moody sublit beauty of Anthony Livingspace blowing a square bubble – as cool as square gets.

Speaking of things medical… we treated the good folks to a little sample of Vinyl’s new community seminar package (for good looking but unfortunately sexless kids out there).

Check out more at

Tonight, make sure you’re there, or tune in to the twitter and facebook-scape and enquire about the health of the show.  We’ll be unleashing yet more violently smooth music, easy love tips, good looking guests and a host of prizes…

Special features: The Olympic Games Love Mix special edition.

Give it the munt, kids!

I’ll see you there.


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