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March 2, 2010 by vinylburns

I call you to arms my rebellious bastards of society,Vinyl in the studio

By the way, I’m a busy busy man, so this is a variation on an existing message that covers much of the tidal surge of emotions I feel at the recent news that BBC6music is to be hurled into the dumpster of fiscally driven vanillarization of the arts… But I really mean almost every word of this.

I am twisted up with uncool to hear the news of the cold-hearted dismantling of BBC 6Music, I am bad-disco rabid that the license payers do not get a say regarding such sketchy and dark decisions. I have soaked in the sparkling brilliance of 6music over the last few years as it’s charisma, style and shimmeringly considered content cannot be found elsewhere, surely this is the point of the BBC. Even Ed Vaizey (conservative minister) who was in favour of the cuts has done a u-turn…

“Having not listened to 6 Music, I took it on trust that the BBC knew what it was doing in this regard,” he said. “Several things have happened since I spoke out. I had no strong views on 6 Music on Friday, I now know it is brilliant with a passionate and articulate fan base – I am now an avid listener to 6 Music. I suspect that 6 Music has doubled its audience.”

Will sacrificing this station really make that much difference financially? The impression I get is that it’s running on peanuts anyway especially when compared to more expensive (and less successful) BBC enterprises.

It would be a real Cliff Richard of a shame to see the BBC bow to pressure from the commercial media and damage the range of content options open to the people who pay for the service which in turn could weaken it’s unique funding position further down the line.

If you feel the blood in your body and the air in your lungs, if you love the ache of the bass and the rush of the needle-drop… then shake off your attractive glittery moondust and write to to tell them what gives.

Come on, bitches…

This is yours.




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