Field Days

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May 16, 2010 by vinylburns

Greetings from the tropical Hainsville superette, here in Maunawhapau heights.

I’ve been out here working with a local hip hop artist, and teaching my distinctive studio technique to the local folk club. The result of this collaboration is nothing short of interesting.

Isolation is a double-edged boulevard, one end of which lends itself to the creation of original and boldly ground breaking creative developments… Not that you will know how original they are, if you never see anybody else.

I won’t go into the actual content we’ve been working on, as it’s still in progress, and Claude the engineer has locked himself in the booth with all the masters, so we’re working on his demands… But the focus of this post is to highlight the value of being separated from the masses for a period of time. It helps to build self-reliance, faith in your destiny, and gathers an aura of mystery and awe, which will linger all around you, even after you return to the public arena.

Like Claude keeps saying, “I don’t coming out until we have honouring my requests…”

And that’s what I mean too… You can’t come out of the box until people know that you’re in the box.

I’m not in a box, but I like people who are… They don’t get as scared and nervous as people in the real world… So they’re easier to talk to, even if you can’t see them.

It’s late.



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