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May 18, 2010 by vinylburns

Hello listeners,

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I received word this evening, that the BBC’s Chris Hawkins (BBC6music) had retold the old legend regarding the origin of my band’s name…

Here is the transcript of the mention on the show…

“…The New Zealand variety showman Vinyl Burns (real name George Gallagher) called his band “The Flavour Of Yesterday” apparently because during rehearsal weeks, the drummer Johnny Martin, used to leave the same pile of snacks next to his drum kit for days, sometimes weeks.  It was the running joke with the band, that that was how he got that authentic retro feel, because he was eating “the flavour of yesterday”.”

Johnny Martin Stepper Circa 1976 Brazil Tour

Johnny Martin Stepper Circa 1976 Brazil Tour

That’s how it went to air… and it’s largely accurate.  I do want to amend a few things though.

It was the legendary Brazilian tour of 1976.  We were sitting at #64 on the Brizilian charts, with “Touch Me In The Velvet”, and while we didn’t speak the language… we could tell, people were talking.

In these heady times, it wasn’t uncommon to have our backstage sanctuary invaded by admirers and party goers.  We each had our own way of dealing with the lack of privacy…  Johnny just used to pretend he was a soldier in Korea, and that nobody could see him, because we were in Brazil.

That’s my kind of genius.

Myself, I didn’t like to say no to the fans.

Eventually I worked out that I should employ people to say no for me, but back then I was a bit too much of a yes man… and I said yes a lot, we all did. In fact, once the tour was over, we sat down, with some accountants, and worked out that, between us, we’d said yes to about 12% of Brazil.  Not bad for a band of gringos.

My real name IS Vinyl… George Gallagher was my travel double. His job was to run out of the venue or the hotel, looking a lot like me, and distract the bulk of the fans and autograph hunters, so I was free to pose for the paparazzi without interruption.

George is still with us, but I’ve lowered my profile (for environmental reasons), so now he’s just on call should I need ever him.

Indeed, those were good times… We began the band as “Vinyl Burns and A Group Of Gentlemen He Met By The Pool”, but this band name lead to confusion amongst our fans, and lead to a lot of budding musicians hanging around bothering me when I was swimming.

!976 Vinyl

Don't mess with his lounging

So, we spent the best part of  the 1976  tour changing the band name every second or third show. We knew that we had to take the time it took to find the right organic name for our venture, but the constant re-branding made for small houses, and a marketing nightmare.  At one point, management were repressing the album several times a week, just to reprint the artwork.  You can still find collectible copies that album under the names listed below. We even re-recorded the track “I’m Vinyl and my band is called Knuckle Dusters”, the revised lyrics being “I’m Vinyl and my band is pretty swell”.

Ironically, the flip-side of releasing the same album 17 times under different band names, came  on September 14th, 1976, when the single “Touch Me In The Velvet”, peaked at #45, #25, # 17, #16 and #4 on the Brazilian charts.

Here are the names we appeared under during the great Brazilian tour of 1976.

Bobby my hair therapist working his magic in the humid evening  damp

Brazilian hair Do - 1976

Vinyl Burns and the Servants Of Daytona

Vinyl Burns and the Dutch Caress

Vinyl and the Dutch Water Caress

Speed Burns and the Vinyl Discs

Vinyl Burns and the Licorice Whips

Vinyl Burns and the Killer BeeGees

Vinyl Burns and the Aura of Young Guilt

Vinyl Burns and the Rainbow Justice Band

Vinyl Burns and the Hot Knuckle Dusters

Vinyl Burns and the Complicated Situation

Vinyl Jones and Goats of Jerome

The Electric Swan and a Squandered Charity Fund

Vinyl Burns and the Trouble With Smoking

The Apocalypse of Time featuring Vinyl Burns

Vinyl Burns and the Untapped Potential

Vinyl Burns and the Untouchable Distance To Bedtime

Vinyl Burns and his Squadron of African Money Men

Back Stage Brazil Tour 1976Johnny Calming Down One Of The Groupies

Johnny Calming Down One Of The Groupies

Vinyl Burns and the Ugly Scars

Vinyl Burns and a Picnic with Ladies

Vinyl Burns and the Extortion Attempts

Vinyl Burns Like A Monkey Fink

Vinyl Burns and the Legends of Monkey Canyon

Vinyl Burns and the Dirt That’s Too Close

Vinyl Burns and the Greedy Jesus Orchestra

Vinyl Burns and a Christmas Surprise

Vinyl Burns and the Boxing Day Fistfights

Vinyl Burns and the Lifetime Banned

Vinyl Burns and the Easy Jews

Vinyl Burns and the Old Snacks

Vinyl Burns and the Old Snakes

Vinyl Burns and the Johnny Snackers

Vinyl Burns and Yesterdays Gravy

Vinyl Burns and the Disgusting Drummers

The Johnny Martin Band featuring Vinyl Burns

Vinyl Burns – Solo

Vinyl Burns and Maybe It’s A Shabby Plan

Vinyl Burns and the Late Departure Seven

Vinyl Burns and the Late Departure Six

Vinyl Burns and the Accidental Mardi Gras

Vinyl Burns and the Innocent Children

and finally…

Vinyl Burns and the Flavour of Yesterday.

It was a long and ugly Brazilian winter, but by the end of that 5 week tour, we knew each other inside out, and it was more than enough to hold us together for another 23 years.

These days, we’re just happy to get together for the odd charity or reunion show.

Glad to rock, in one anothers’ company, just one more time.

To The Flavour…

I Salute You.



Johnny Hyperventilating

Johnny Hyperventilating

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