2010 Three Strike Tour


July 23, 2010 by vinylburns

Hello dogs and bangers.

I’m just rolling back into the zone, from a zippy little tour around the world, essentially a chance to touch ground with my best minga’s in the continent and northern USA.

First though, let me encourage you to tell your friends about the Vinyl Burns blog… Domination is all about dominating, and without you all helping out, I can’t dominate as completely and as believably as we’d all like.  To incentivise you all in this task, I am offering 40 puppies to the first 40 new subscribers.  So, if you’d like your friend to get a puppy, get them all signed up!

I began my tour by stopping off for an earthy, rustic and ‘real’ one on one with fans in Dundas, Ontario… The Dundas Buskers Festival, where the coffee was hot, and the schedule was blistering.  My associates and I enjoyed the finest coffee in Canada at “Detour” roastery… with some healthy ex-pat New Zealand links… Where else are you going to learn that trade?

I then popped around the corner to the world renowned Waterloo Arts Festival, where I launched the Vinyl Burns Experience – The concert that will change the world (one way or the other™).  Big francophone ups to A-Bomb Rosso, my road technician for the festival… he kept the stadium cool and the sounds damp, not to mention wiring me up and padding down the dental regions as needed.  Stay tuned for his own album “Je cherche pour ma femme” – out in the fall.

From there, I popped across the ‘Lantic to do a little benefit gig for Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Channel, Calvin Klein and Christian Dior. The whole shindig happened in a beautiful little fake 1850s San Francisco village nestled deep in the Belgian foothills (that’s all they have) of Maasmechelen, Belgium.

Now I’m home, soaking up winter on the horse farm, and bustling up some new moves for the Fall.

If you want to see more of the pictures from the tour, don’t forget to visit, like, friend and poke me on facebook http://www.facebook.com/vinylburnsband and of course, check out the blog and video archive at http://www.vinylburns.com – it’s all there for you, mister-missus.

Sincerely, Vinyl Burns, Forever – www.vinylburns.com

Dr Vinyl Burns

2 thoughts on “2010 Three Strike Tour

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