A Summer Tour


January 10, 2011 by vinylburns

This is going to be weird.

I’m about to head out on tour.  Now, that in itself isn’t too strange… I’m certainly not unfamiliar to the grime of the vaudeville road, that’s why I take so many baths.  Thing is… since retiring down here in tropical electric paradise, most, if not all of my touring has been undertaken in the form of a giant, lengthy, commitment laden “northern summer” tour of such salubrious festival circuits as Canada, Eastern Europe, The U.A.E., Brazil and even the Spanish clubber’s beach paradise El Campello.

Spanish Club Dates

Spanish Club Dates 1988

This time it will be different. This time, it will be local.

Now, despite being retired, I still keep my hand in some pretty fruity pies down here… in part, to inspire a new generation of wannabes, but also, to be honest, because I can’t stay away from the business.  It’s in my blood… and it’s not alone, so I gots to keep the show biz pumping through my veins, or the biological ratio of good vs evil will get all out of whack… and who needs that.

So, I work a healthy circuit of gigs here.  All kinds of shit… all across the board… all tiers, classes, creeds, flavours, genders, budgets, venues, menus…   I soak it all up, cos I like to keep it real.  Also, it’s a small place, and there aren’t too many options.

This time around though, I’ve switched it up.  After 12 years of being woo’d and quietly coaxed, I’ve relented, and will be attending the Christchurch World Buskers Festival.

Now this is a nice gig…  Chilled schedule, beautiful locals, and a good solid pampering for the crew.  But what makes it very very odd for me, is having all my buddies from the northern circuits right here, now, shoulder to shoulder, on my turf.  Circumstance finally allowing me to play host to some of my closest friends and finest acts on the planet.  I will love it, as will all the performers and public fans alike…

The Worlds Finest Clowns

The novelty, and resulting weirdness I feel about it all, has reminded me why I chose this neglected backchannel to wind down my career with the grace and dignity it deserves…  You see, by retiring here, where there’s next to nothing going on, I can help to build a faith and passion in this industry, yet with the non-threatening status of “retired legend”, putting the youngsters at their ease.  I wear the respect, without the agro.

That’s all well and good, but sometimes, when the world comes to town for ten days, and you’re invited to go play with them… it’s mighty nice to feel the local breeze on your chest, hear the local voices in your head, and drink the local wines, with your local lips.

I welcome the world’s best to Christchurch this month, and hope you’ll live the dream with us.

Kia Ora Kaha Te Whanau


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  1. Earthquake jokes, corner the market

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