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April 3, 2011 by vinylburns

Hola long lost followers,

I’ve been a bit sloppy in the old publishing department… mainly because I’ve been doing a lot of swimming and trying to master Kung Fu.

But, I’m spurred back into literary action by a few things.

Firstly, you may have spotted me at several recent Christchurch benefit functions… raising money for “The Dusties” down in Canterbury.  I didn’t feel it would be fair to directly contribute from my considerable fortune, as that would be a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, when I own the barrel, and it’s already at my house, and I don’t even eat fish.

So instead, I felt that contributing my many talents to a few different fundraisers, was the right move.


Amazing Johnny Tan

Celebrated Game Show Host - JT

Secondly, last Friday night was the celebrity roast, put on by my old friend El Jaguar, roasting my even older friend, Philippino game show hosting legend Johnny Tan.  I was unable to attend in person, but I shot this quick video and musicalised my sentiments, in a long distance tribute.

Here for you, is that tribute to Johnny Tan.

[Click Here To View The Video]

I have a quiet few months now, in my eastern country house, before I hit the road again for June & July… with appearances throughout the former Yugoslavia, England, Switzerland and Canada, then back for nearly a full month with the WOW team, before some heavy involvement with the cruise ship scene.

Until then, if you can’t fuss it, bust it up.

Given with soul,

Vinyl Burns.

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