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June 3, 2011 by vinylburns

It’s been many years since I was last here in Macedonia.

It was 1979 that I first came here, on the heels of our massive and dangerously explosive success in Brazil, which had kept us on the road touring, promoting or evading fans, management and various authorities for the later years of the 1970’s.

Of course, it wasn’t Macedonia then… And it wasn’t exactly the typical getaway for a charismatic rock Jesus, dipping below the tide of success that had come close to drowning him on a number of occasions… But relative to my touring madness and militarized press agenda, this was a fine respite, and a suitable place to lay low.

Returning here now, there are still ghosts of yesteryear that haunt me… Everybody shouts… Even the babies. They like to drive, but they don’t care what. Often they don’t care where either… Particularly if you’re in a cab.

The majority of my time here was spent before my involvement in the CIA, but now that I’m back, even though it’s all water under the bridge, there are some of those old familiar glances that an operative learns to live with.

The seemingly random discounts, the newspaper handed to you in the street, with the crossword half filled in… All tolerated side effects of being in the agency.

It seems that, while the name of the country has changed, borders moved, conflicts set aside, villains punishes… despite all these changes, the “invisibles” as we called them, still reside here. Aware of my past, and with an ear to the future.

So I will take my time as it comes… Firing out my shows at this festival, casually mixing with the other performers, reminiscing about older simpler show business times.. all the while, with one eye over my should, and both ears to the ground… Watching my back, and listening to my soul.

It’s a great finale, but tough to hat.

With love, from Skopje,
Vinyl Burns

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