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December 21, 2011 by vinylburns

Good day.

I was listening to a Merlin Mann Podcast the other day and he was chatting about the pros and cons of various approaches to giving a presentation to a bunch of, typically, stale old business cats.

He was keen on the idea that, no matter what the content, or style of delivery, or audience, it should be a “performance”.

I couldn’t agree more… but it got me thinking. If you snap into “performance” mode for a presentation, regardless of the size of the room… perhaps the same thing happens when you’re talking to as few as two people.


Does your headspace zone change when you find yourself speaking to more than one person? Mine does.

I think that, because you can’t devote sincere intimacy in more than one direction, to try to maintain a personal conversation with two or more people, is a failed agenda just waiting to be realised.  Any sane person flicks the switch and kicks it up into show business conversation mode.  Your people become your audience, a dimly lit room filled with last night’s heavy smoke and tomorrows empty dreams.  This is YOUR place, where YOUR words will fly forever across space and time, FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES TO BE HEARD!!!!!

Of course, I’m quite different to you.

What are your thoughts on this matter?

Get In Volved.

Occupy your brain and your mouth.


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