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January 1, 2012 by vinylburns

Hello Lucy etc…

I recently performed at the la de da festival in Martinborough city.

It appeared to be a fantastic festival, in spite of the liquidity issues beguiling most of the country at the time.

It was muddly and endampened, but the kids dug it and then say in it. For them, it was good times!

Here are the top ten things I learned.

1) Dogs sink.
2) You can’t calm someone down by shouting nice things.
3) Four people can have more fun than Sixty Four people.
4) Dirt doesn’t read instructions. #whitetrash
5) The V.I.P. area is only 40% V.I.P’s.
6) The R.I.P. area is only 35% V.I.P’s.
7) Even if you are both covered in mud, the sex you’re having is not invisible.
8) Dub FX has a fine work ethic. And by “work ethic”, I mean “girlfriend”.
9) Swinging a cat requires less space than stripping.
10) Don’t confuse work for real life, they’re two different kinds of dirt.

As some people say, we made lemonade… Turned out, not many people were thirsty.



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