Chicken Brain – Lizard Man

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January 20, 2012 by vinylburns

Hello Lizard lovers and Chicken people.

Vinyl Cowboy

I was speaking recently at an informal lecture series I regularly hold in the lineup at Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in New Zealand’s Palmerston North.

A spontaneous debate sprang up, on the subject of the human drive to excel and the pure survival mechanisms inherent in all living things regardless of social status and financial boyancy.

I ended up conducting something of an evangelistic enlightening on the subject of the Lizard Brain™, and how it applies to commercial farming and internet celebrity in a documentary film making context.

As it turns out, the gist of my philosophy revolves in circles around an axis… that axis being predominantly at the centre of my argument regarding survival of not only chickens, but horses and people.  I concluded that perhaps, if we all can’t just get along, maybe there’s no hope for our continued exploration of relationship, and maybe we should find other things to eat.

In any case, I think my points are powerfully backed up by this file footage of me interacting with some of the smartest chickens in Otago.

Incidentally, the footage was shot as a part of a forthcoming documentary series about men, monkeys and junkies… exploring the blurred boundaries between the three, in todays modern digital world.

You can look forward to that on the BBC and on the internet.

But for now, enjoy the clip.

That’s my slice of your pie…

Eat it.

VB – for VBTV

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