Top 6 Random Hackings


February 6, 2012 by vinylburns

I'm not really angry.

Glad to be seeing you, for sure.

I’ve been getting my hands dirty, hot and sweaty at the coal face… typing a lot and taking some short coffee breaks in between swims.

Here are some exciting and powerfully useful things I have been dabbling with.

1) Buzzdeck for iphone – You can follow EVERYTHING. (I almost promise you that it’s true)

2) Artistdata -For people who ROCK! Helps you to syndicate your entire publicity empire from one point of contact.  Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Myspace, Concert promoters, Events listings, Dentists… it’s all there.  Go take a look around.

( )

3) 1Password – If you’re anything like me, you like to be secure.  You probably also like to be logged in.  If you like both those things, but hate writing your own name and the password 87fghhw76iI89 over and over… boy will 1Password chill you the hell out.  It’s really that simple… One. Password.

( )

4) Merlin Mann – He made up some exciting magic trick to empty your inbox.  (I think it’s like google’s “archive” button, except all your work gets done.)  He has a lot of things… folders, mainly. Anyhow, now he does a lot of talking about pretty smart stuff, in conjunction with some pretty smart and/or pretty cool people.  He does some writing in the sky, but I mainly just listen to the talking.  I particularly like the talking he does with medium famous rocker John Roderick of the Long Winters.  The Back To Work podcast talky thing with Dan Benjamin is also bus punchingly interesting. I like it, and you should too… He (Merlin) lives (actually, literally, lives) at

5) I had a really good steak tonight.  Burned the shit out of the outside, but the inside was still raw.  I don’t understand cooking, but I do understand yummy.

6) I have my own radio show starting in a week, so maybe that exciting news will distract you from there only being 5/6 secret Vinyl Burns Hax listed here.

7) Tune in to my show at super early on Sunday mornings (New Zealand time).

  • Sunday midnight – 3am New Zealand
  • Saturday 11am – 2pm UK
  • Saturday 3am – 6am Pacific Time
  • Saturday 4am – 7am Mountain Time
  • Saturday 6am – 9am Central
  • Saturday 7am – 10am Eastern

Ok kids, that’s about it for now…  Hope you’re all chilled and placid, and if you’re not… maybe you work too hard.

Put Pajamas On!


One thought on “Top 6 Random Hackings

  1. Danny Flint says:

    Thay is pure genius, except for the steak thing. I’ll be listening in to your show on the weekend if I can.

    Thanks for the wisdom or whatever.

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