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April 6, 2012 by vinylburns

Hi there clean freaks

Did you ever notice how it’s the corners of your world that get the dirtiest.

Maybe you like the dirty corners? That’s ok, just don’t sit in the middle of the club trying to get some filth going… Hide it away, kinda.

Maybe you like to live clean, but don’t like to clean things too much. Maybe you’re lazy or just a bit messed up in the scrub and polish department. (that’s polish, not Polish… Most Europeans a way cleaner OR dirtier than the rest of us… They go both ways, but exponentially further than us Americans)

Anyhow…. If you want to feel cleaner that you deserve to be, for Te amount of effort you put in around your “house”, sit in the middle of things for as long as you can. Your problems won’t find you while you’re in plain sight, and I’d they do, well, you probably know what’s coming by then.

So, in closing… A clean corner is the last step to an open everything.

See you next time, peeps.

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