Tweets of the weak.

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June 15, 2012 by vinylburns

Hi gang…

It’s been a while since I tuned in here, mainly because I’m out being exotic in another continent at the moment.  But, I’ve also been redirecting most of my commentary in the direction of Twitter.  It’s a new and amazing digital shouting service that suits me just fine.

But, for those of you interested in more of a syrupy condensed experience, I’ll be posting weekly digests of my Tweetings, and maybe even some “greatest hits” compilations…

So, here’s the first treat laden taste.


vinylburns Twitter lets ME decide. Zuckerberg, you arrogant child! #fb


vinylburns Holy Kenya Facebook! What makes you think YOU know who I want to see? #fb


vinylburns Where DO Pandas come from???? #fb


vinylburns 30% experience, 40% creativity, 9% math and 23% everything. #fb


vinylburns Thursday’s are for nostalgia. Remember Wednesday? Yeah… Awesome! #fb


vinylburns You know how you feel when you see a faded print on a hotel room wall? That’s how I always feel. #fb


vinylburns Pointy hat or circular tables? The secrets of wizardry revealed…!!! At #fb


vinylburns If the Romans were REALLY mean, they’d have made Jesus build his own crucifix. #fb#carpenters #religion #questions


vinylburns Was Jesus a real carpenter? Do you live in the house that Jesus built? #fb


vinylburns If you’re funnier than idiots can understand, does it matter that they mistakenly think you’re a racist homophobe, like them? #fb


vinylburns Vinyl Burns’ Daily Week is out!


vinylburns I’m drinking steeped bubble tea on an even steeper hill… It’s far from flat. #fb


vinylburns I’m so lonely… Where did all the intertweeters go? #fb


vinylburns Seriously, how many times to I need to tweet for you to just give me some space..? I’m so much more than 140 characters! #fb


vinylburns I just want a little privacy from the inquisition of social media big brother. (@GetNailed #fb


vinylburns All I want is a little privacy from the inquisition of social media big brother. (@ Get Nailed)


vinylburns I have invented a kinetic self play dog & ball system, involving magnets and elastic bands. My mind is all physics, all the time. #fb


vinylburns How about a fresh podcast for the commute? #vinyl #burns#newmusic #comedy


vinylburns I know it was a dream, and I can’t blame you for anything, but goddam! Why would you move to my town with your kid??? #fb


vinylburns If you seek shameless wisdom distilled to its purest, indie-rock syrup, and delivered in a social media syringe, follow @johnroderick #fb

So… there you have it.  If you want more of a drip fed experience, check me out @vinylburns
If not, stay tuned… I’ll write longer things here, soon.

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