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February 7, 2013 by vinylburns

Hello Disco Dudes.

I’m being crushed under an influx of requests for the script from the European promotional advertisement for my album “I can’t stop forgetting again”.

It was voiced by one of my hotties, and she’s 85% foreign, so my mid western listeners have trouble understanding.

Fear not though, suburban cowboys… Here is the full unedited script she tried to read from, while I was shouting at her.

Also, there’s a pretty picture at the bottom.

Enjoy, and try dancing… Or have a cry. (It’s nice)

VB (Reverend & Doctor)


Vinyl Burns Album Advertisment – Script

“Vinyl Burns”, the easy crooning 70s lounge kingpin is back with this new, white-hot album “I can’t stop forgetting again”.

“Vinyl” and his electric band, “The Flavour Of Yesterday”, are once again igniting the musical landscape with hit after hit, including…

The Dangerous pumping beats of “Poetry Slam”

The world changing anthem “Aliens Will Save Us”

The sultry suburban soul of “Like A Lion”

And the multi-debuting solid gold smash hit video smash “Vinyl Burns In The Medieval Times”

“Vinyl Burns” is Amazing!!!

“I Can’t Stop Forgetting Again!!!” , also featuring the previously unreleased sleeper hit “Let Me See Your Hands”
And the hitherto banned pseudo biographical epic “The Ballad Of Yulia”

“I Can’t Stop Forgetting Again” includes exclusive remixes from the legendary 1976 Brazilian sessions.

“Vinyl Burns” is cooler than the sun!!!!

Proclaimed by U.K. Garage producer “Gordon Milky”, as being “The hardest soft-core I’ve had to listen to all year”

“The most compelling new wave beat poet since Javneck Frost” – “Wilson Crown”, Otaki Chronicle

“Vinyl Burns and the Flavour Of Yesterday” are back with “I Can’t Stop Forgetting Again” available on itunes, and at “”

So buy “I Can’t Stop Forgetting Again” TODAY!!!

Tomorrow is yesterday, And yesterday is FOREVER…. With “Vinyl Burns.”



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