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March 14, 2013 by vinylburns

From the Palace of Vapours… It’s me, Vinyl Burns!

How does the sunlight hit your face on this fine fine afternoon, evening or night…?


I have brought it upon myself to provide you with Seven samples of high altitude advice, courtesy of the wise eyed wisdom required to survive at 2000 meters above Malaysian sea level.

1) You won’t need sunscreen here. Pack bleach instead.
2) If there are any weird sicknesses you’ve never had, prepare for a new perspective.
3) Prepare for your journey by having children bang pots and pans all through every meal.
4) The irony of calling a night club which is inside a cloud almost all the time, “Cloud 9”, is lost on the people here.
5) My head hurts.
6) You will learn to enjoy a roller coaster with a KFC drive through.
7) While Seven is a good number, no amount of wisdom can really help you.

Welcome aboard the Genting Highlands Mystery Express!

Ding Dong Vinyl Burns.


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