Brown Vinyl

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June 21, 2014 by vinylburns

Drinkers and Born Again Drinkers,


How are you?
Let me fix that.


I’ve invented a small cluster of things in my time on the planet.  Some of them were pretty amazing, and nobody noticed.  For example, I built an articulated wall using hybrid tank-tread/Jacob’s ladder technologies, allowing entire cities to secretly expand their boundaries without any obvious digging or explosions.


Unfortunately, I lost the keys and it’s still in my driveway.



Other inventions were less exciting, but everyone loved them.


One of the latter was a drink called the Brown Vinyl.  Here’s the recipe, right here:




It’s pretty good… better than a lot of that muck you buy in a can… six at a time… with your silly underage friends, all slutty and buff in their tight skinny jeans and their boy-band hair dos.


So, buy yourself these simple ingredients and whip it up for breakfast tomorrow… it’s a killer kickstarter.


Trust me… Look at me.




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