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June 24, 2014 by vinylburns

Good Morning Rock Kitties,


It’s a week of change, so here are a series of harsh and juxtaposed audio treats to keep your luscious senses all juiced up and confused.


RAC is a nice chap from Essex, who has a Boss-Tron of musical gems stashed away on the web cloud.  Here’s just one of them, but don’t stop here… do some work yourself.


RAC - Let Go



If you’re a little light in the “unban machismo” department, you might want to go make a cup of tea instead of checking out this video blog segment from Mannie Fresh’s series… this one featuring, among others, Mystikal.  He’s spitting like a hard up sailor on the docks after a ball game… if you know what I mean…?

(How’s that tea?)


Mannie Fresh


There you go… just two this time.


But, go on, get hunting… I’ve dropped the phat breadcrumbs, now it’s your turn to waffle off into the beaty jungle of spaceland, and find what’s good.


And if you do… fire it my way!  Tweet me at: @vinylburns


It’s so easy and fun.


Like living.


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