Funky House Mixes, Folky Moments, and Vinyl’s Choice…

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July 23, 2014 by vinylburns

To the deaf and the hearing…

Remember disco?

Me too… and so does Little Boots.  It’s probably best to wait until later in the week to fire this one up, but take a little sampling listen to the mix now… it’s good business, and who doesn’t like good business?

Trump does, but he’s a dick.

Another thing I remember is, to calm down, pull up a couple of horse bucket seats, slide out a couple of hoppy numbers and soak up the beautiful folky chillness of this cat, Mr Anders.

And, as if this weren’t some kind of charity operation, designed to gift my peoples with delicious harmonic equations, constructed in basements and bedrooms across the globe…  here’s a little mix from my creative suite located in the South Wairarapa, at Horse Head Studios #2

So, until next time my lovers and brothers… ticklers and ripplers…

Bangles and jangles, to you all.

Word – VB

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