Smooth Seventies Jazz Funk – It’s Alive In You

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August 6, 2014 by vinylburns

Heck, boyee….

Yes, I’m talking to you, because YOU need it.

You’re probably not even listening to this stuff, and that’s 90% of the reason you’re lethargic, pale, a little tubby and certainly being lied to by a dozen or so people, most of the time.

You’re not ugly, or stupid, or event an ass-hat in the wrong gig…  No, you’re just missing a little funk.  A little saxophone riddled soul-funking bass, on a sunny afternoon.

Well, fear not… 

The Doctor Is Funking In

Here’s a sweet peach of a mix for you to enjoy… 



And if you don’t immediately rush out and buy yourself a white suit and a martini set, I’ll buy one for you.

OK, that’s not true… I can’t help you there.

Only you can help you…  and right here is where you start receiving that helping of medicine.

Deep dirty funk medicine.

Vinyl Burns has helped you, you just don’t, can’t, ain’t feelin’ the healin’ yet.


That’ll be just now.


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