Oh Yes! You CAN book Christmas Party Entertainer Vinyl Burns for your fancy do.

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September 19, 2014 by vinylburns

Greetings, Democracy Lovers…

If you’re anything like me this election-eve, you’ll have been swept up in this emotional spinloaded vortex of policy and scandal, which is all fun and wotnot, but eventually, say… now, we pop out the other end and suddenly realise…

It‘s Nearly Christmas!

So, you’ll be needing your favourite comedy circus stunt man to inject, and indeed inflect, some of his exotic and spectacular charisma into your special private and business occasions.

Maybe you’re not the person responsible for booking Christmas entertainment, but you sure as Zordan know who is, and a few whispered words from your wisdom-mouth into their listening-ears, would go a long way to securing…

The Vinyl Burns Christmas Party Spectacular!

Hello - My Name Is "Good Times"

The Reverend Doctor Vinyl Burns

If you’re not too sure what that might include, swing past my management’s website and take a look around.


Or, if that’s all a bit much for your sweet, sweet eyes… Here it is in a super sweet, single mono-line of list-type information-words.

Comedy Unicycle Rock GuitarStraitjacket EscapeMagic IlusionsDiabolo JugglingInteractive Roving IcebreakersExtremely Fun Party DJ – and frankly, quite a lot more…

Here’s a video to whet the apetite…

Watch the Kiwi Comedy Show-Reel from Kiwi Comedy on Vimeo.

The Classic Hits Compilation Of Kiwi Comedy Skills, Stunts, and “moves”…



So, wherever you are… Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Masterton… of any other equally worthy constituencies…

Don’t be the loser who forgot to book entertainment for your Christmas Party

Be the winner who booked Vinyl Burns.

Ok, as you were.

Only better.


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