Madagascar. Into my night.

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October 7, 2014 by vinylburns

Hello sweet cake mountains

I’ve had something of a smooth evening, running to and fro between glasses of Madagascan ape honey and the lineup for the voodoo shack, where my man Vernon makes some pretty serious ham smoothies.

They sound like they’d be terrible, but by the time you’ve had the first one, there’s no need to even think about it any more. So they may as well be delicious.

Any idiot knows the fastest path is always going to be the least fulfilling, and ultimately result in having to go back for some important business items you left on the desk back at the hotel.


Whereas… Beginning your journey resigned to, if not embracing the notion of a full days slog, a satisfied and weary arrival and a world of chaotic adventure for as long as those b-roads carry you along.

I have no magical PowerPoint moment of oneness and revelation planned for this text adventure. Nor do I claim to even know where I was planning to lead you when I initially, some 6 minutes ago, put thumb to gorilla glass and began this stream of consciousness honest-mess of my real and gnarly thinking thoughts.

I’ll just say this.

Buy some boots.
Burn your map.
Slow your pace.
Win the race.

Remember, it’s not actually “that” race.

Bon Voyage

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