Unicorn Street

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October 14, 2014 by vinylburns

Welcome to happiness, haters.


This is a sneaky inside peek through the silky curtained windows, at the lyrics for my newest hit single I’m about to release…  There’s a video and everything.  It’s pretty good.


Here are the lyrics for you to deeply enjoy and find peace and one-ness within.

Dig it, land lovers.


Unicorn Street


Uni PonyI’m a one spike pony
Your magical brony
Fairy dust for dandruff
Have a destiny
And I work for free
Until the cosmos says I’ve done enough

I’m mystical
and irresistable
I’m a horse with a special purpose
Like a rhino’s nose
Knows the way it grows
I’ll improve your cell phone service

But I shouldn’t say that
In a frivolous way
As to dismiss the power of my structure
Feel the magic born
From my shiny horn
and my deep desires, to touch ya.

My emotional spike
Will preemptively strike
In the dark where your heart should be
And it will warm once more
Like a tropical storm
In love, on unicorn street

I’m a mystery
Through out history
You could never pin me down
I’m a flash of hope
I’m a soap on a rope
I’m a figurine on the ground

I’m a pillow case
I’m a mardi gras face
I’m a joke in the anchorman movie
I’m a sweet sixteen
I’m a way to get clean
I’m the horse that makes everything groovy

I’m a fairy story
I’m a symbol of glory
I’m stickers to cover your bike in
I’m bedazzled on the back
Of a denim jacket
I’m a homosexual icon

IMG_4389I’m a children’s cake
I’m a tasty steak
I’m the youth you won’t get back
I’m a dream come true
For a child like you
I’m a halloween costume for your cat

See I’m mostly made up
And it’s easy to stop
Having faith in the unicorn jesus
But if you’re ready to ride
On a rainbow of desire
I can show you how much it means to us

If you don’t believe
You will be relieved
To accept this submission of proof
And I’ll swear to flicker
On my mother mere’s ticker
with a bible under my Hoof

See I’ve been around
In your sights and your sounds
For as long as I can remember
if the faith be banished
My magic done vanished
like Santa without a December

So open your mind
And close your eyes
And be ready for the sparkle dawn
The bedazzling birth
On a glittering earth
Belive in the unicorn

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