All Start – No Stop

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February 13, 2015 by vinylburns

Good February, Fiddlers…

I’m a pretty environmentally sound  thespianic entrepreneur.

I’ve seen, heard, tasted and absorbed a metric horse-tonne of art and culture in my time at the helm of the good ship Vinyl Burns. I’ve sucked it down into my belly and let it sit there, nourishing my tubby soul.  But I’m not all Mr Taker-Man, no sir.

I also tend to be massively prolific and an almost literal virtual artistic gold mine, experiential factory, sculptural conduit, surrealist warehouse and disco shopfront, across (as if it needed further illustration) most genres.  So, you see, I’m a Lady Giver-Man as well.

Lady Vinyl BurnsI’m a kind of Super-Captain Giver-Taker Mr-Man Lady

So, I do good work, of all flavours, for pretty much any demographic or intellect.  Whatever you want, I can knock it together with genius and a firm hand, make it look a little risqué and unsafe so your people feel like they’re actually alive when they watch something, and then slam it down on your dinner table, hot, fresh, fruity and a little blue, ready for your guests, all barking and rabid for cultural satisfaction.

There are a lot of hungry doggies out there, most with tiny wallets, timid minds and weak hearts. Most of them don’t know how to use a phone. Some think facebook is a suitable venue to conduct business. One thinks he’s a priest, but that’s hardly relevant right now.
Sometimes, it’s hardly worth starting a conversation about doing great work.  Other times, it’s difficult to know if you should respond or even waste your time listening to their huge ideas about the great swathes of fantastical work they’re going to recruit you into doing.

There’s a lot of cattle to ranch, but so many meat captains are chasing their giant hats across the prairies of Big Wind.

“All hat, no cattle” is the joke to which I’m alluding.

So, here you go cosmos, chismos, Luther Vandross and any other spooky witches in the sky, ready and able to influence future actions in the event management fraternity.  In short, the 5 rules of working with me:

1) Know what you want.

2) Tell me

3) Don’t be surprised when I deliver

4) Don’t be surprised when I invoice you

5) Don’t surprise me.

Not so hard huh?

Huggies – VB

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