10 Interesting situations of 2015

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February 19, 2015 by vinylburns

Oh hello!

It’s still early, of course… but I jam a lot in, so here’s where I’m up to so far.

(and I’ve barely made it out of bed yet!)

Vinyl Burns Celebrity New Zealand Mystery Man

Vinyl Burns’ 2015 – So Far

1) I mowed the lawns


2) I went to Nelson for arguably the finest, and certainly my favourite festival in New Zealand. There were Ladies and Gentlemen and Crowds and Hospitality.


3) I played a DJ set which was simultaneously FAR too loud for one crabby old asshole, and barely audible to absolutely everyone else.


4) Sharing a house with Eddie Eighties wandering around in the nude at 2am, tugging on his junk-bar with one hand and waiving his laptop around with the other, trying franticly to get better WIFI for his skype sex date.


5) Playing a hot and friendly DJ to a 4000 strong crowd in a summer rainstorm while clowns took photos of me.

Nelson DJ Vinyl Burns Festival Superstar

6) Having this conversation:

What do you do? I do shows. Great, I’ll book you for a show and some MCing, and some balloon twisting and to mind the carpark for a while. I don’t do most of those, but I can do some MCing for some money. No, I want to pay you half what your show costs, for your show, two lots of MCing and the balloon carpark stuff, and maybe watch my puppy. OK, but good luck with the police, and feeling like it was a good investment.


7) Started a quirky, local, potentially fun and interesting, new project back on January 7 January 21 February 4 February 11 February 24… Never mind.


8) Got invited to Dubai to do shows for a week.

(For those of you unfamiliar with how this works: They asked me, I said yes, they book flights, accommodation, arrange all tech and admin, and write me a cheque… maybe some of you would like to write that down?)


9) Booked an entire month of work all within 25 minutes of my horse farm studios. I’m still taking my passport. #supertrain


10) Continued attempting to book some incredibly talented and lovely people to come to a place, to perform somewhere, sometime, for somebody.  If it finally happens, can you tell me?  I’ll be in Dubai.


So, that’s how my 2015 is shaping up so far.  How about yours?


Write and let me know: @vinylburns (that’s a twitter handle, old lady)

Bing Bong

Vinyl Burns


***Special prize if you can name the associated event – Twitter me: @vinylburns ***


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