Top ten great things at Saint John Buskers Festival 2015

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July 21, 2015 by vinylburns

Hello summer friends and circle show fantacists. 
It’s the end of festival number one here in luscious and the sunny, exotic provinces of old Canada. 


Nigel Blackstorm Rocks Big

Saint John new Brunswick was the first stop on the great Vinyl Burns tour of 2015. Notable thus year for the quantity of pure rock and charisma on the bill. Not only myself, but the hard core metal legend and close personal friend of mine, Nigel Blackstorm. 
There are always quirks and curve balls running with any event, particularly when I’m involved. 


World record

This was no exception. 
I’d like to focus however, on the outstanding high points of the weekend. 
So here now, is my top ten list of exciting glory at the Saint John Buskers Festival 2015. 
1) Filming our backstage disco party, then discovering I’d hit record twice, stopping the capture dead. 
2) The super-fart that levelled the whole cast and made the second show of the night a whole lot looser. 
3) Co-hosting two separate world record attempts by the Monsters Of Schlock. 
4) Old school bonding with some great performers I don’t see often enough. 
5) A little music mixnmatch with metal legend Nigel Blackstorm. 
6) Chancing a never before attempted free-mount on my new, taller Unicycle. Turned out just fine. 
7) Rain on my hat line. Kept on trucking. Great success. 
8) Subsequent 15 minutes of post-show Standup comedy in the rain, earning an additional $35. 
9) Thai chicken salad at Pepper’s 
10) Remembering Saint John Bill and wondering if he’s still out there somewhere. Shadowing a festival producer, micro managing the shows we’re gonna do and the “lotsa people out there, all waiting” for us. Beautifully uncertain of his proximity to home and just how near to here he actually lives. 
Weirdly Bill, I missed you. 


Vinyl Burns backstage tensions

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